The Puppy Search

There are so many ways to find your next puppy.  It's easy enough to find pups being sold out of the back of a pickup or on the web, and there have been some wonderful dogs that have come from those exact beginnings. But a Scottish Collie is something else.  We don't usually come to own them by accident.

The Scottish Collie is one of the finest "all rounder" dogs that you will find anywhere, but they're still difficult to find.  


Where are the Puppies?

We have so much interest from people wanting to find a Scottish Collie puppy!  We are beginning at the beginning, but will grow quickly as more people find us and want to help this amazing dog.  Everyone remembers Lassie, and they want a Collie back in their lives.  

We invite you to become a Member, to join us on Facebook, and be a part of this growing and enthusiastic preservation effort.  Thank you so much for your interest.  Please let us know how we can help!

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